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Particularly in Indonesia, running a business is very challenging. Not only needs business skill, running a business in Indonesia also need a sensitivity to comply with law and regulations related to corporations which are changing dynamically.

Corporate legal matters are those that involve corporations and the law. Furthermore, a company’s shareholders, board of directors, and board of commissioners are all required to uphold a set of duties known as corporate legal matters. In general, Law No. 40 of 2007 Governing Limited Liability Companies (the “Company Law”) regulates matters relating to corporate law, which is subsequently elaborated on by legislation specific to certain industries.

LHP has extensive experience in handling Establishment of Company, Meeting of the Shareholders(“GMS”), Business Licensing, Good Coorporate Governance (“GCG”), Restructuring, and Merger & Acquisition(“M&A”).

We work with our customers to design the best strategy and carefully examine
the relevant laws and legal facts.

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